Sharon Chang

I’m sharon chang.

Most people describe me as a multi-hyphenate. I am a trained architect, visual artist, independent filmmaker, design strategist, serial entrepreneur, and impact investor. I call myself a future architect, an expert generalist armed with a unique collection of building blocks to construct positive change in the world. Much of what I do focuses on reframing the relationship between capital, creativity and impact through carefully calibrated collaborations.

I developed my early career at the nexus of Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Silicon Valley during the great Internet boom and bust. I am allergic to name-dropping, but if you need to see a track record for conventional credibility, I can tell you that I worked on highly complex projects with big players such as P&G, Motorola, Google, CNN, and NBC. This chapter culminated with my four-year stint as the Chief Creative Officer for 19 Entertainment, the company behind mega hits American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

After nearly two decades exploring the most consequential intersections of media and technology, I entered a new chapter of using my expertise to break silos and foster collaboration. Since 2010, I have been dedicating my time, energy, and resources to experiment with dynamic new configurations of multiple fields including philanthropy, impact investment, social entrepreneurship, emerging technology, leadership development, design thinking, and storytelling.

Operating as the greater sum of its parts, my portfolio of wide-ranging endeavors challenges and rebuilds the systems that govern our everyday activities – the way we eat, shop, travel, learn, work, think, dream and create. I believe humanity desperately needs a 21st century approach to meet 21st century challenges, and my humble contribution is a body of work I named future architecture.

What else can I tell you? I live in New York City and travel the world often. I make spectacular martinis so I know I can always go be a bartender if all else fails. I love snow-capped mountains and exotic ice cream. I like to say that by choice I remain an outsider in every industry, but strive to be an insider in every community. Let’s architect a beautiful future together.

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